Hang the Wall Street Super Junta

8 Oct

Hang the Wall Street Super Junta

Wall Street always used divide and rule strategy to enslave humanity to make more profit. They divide the people and pit them against each other everywhere around the world. Wall Street is responsible all the mess we have here in the USA and around the world. Wall Street is cooperating and enslaving all peoples around the world. Wall Street is only 1 % population and starving the 99 % population in the world. Wall Street follows the Jay Gould rule. They hire the half of the population to kill the other half of the population. Wall Street follows the ancient principle of divide and rule.

I am personally victim of the 1980 military junta. Secret armies established a massive strategy of tension in a secret war staging false flag mass killings. Wall Street sponsored plan terrorized Turkey into a civil war so that the Junta could take over the civil government with the false excuse of saving Turkey from their own terror. Secret terror campaign got my top class free boarding Haydarpasa high school in Istanbul was closed pushing me down to my rural town high school losing most of my hope for future. This terror campaign divided Turkey into right and left camps. I blamed the left for the loss of my precious education opportunity. In the new high school in my home town the high school headmaster was left winger appointed by the left wing government. He did not like my negative opinion about my loss of opportunity. He forced me to write my opinions in a defense paper. In my defense paper I stated that he was protecting communists and persecuting anti-communists. He got me expelled from my high school. He took away whatever I had in my hand. He also gave  my statement to the First Instance of Criminal Court of my home town Karasu which prosecuted and sentenced me to 6 months in jail without any attorney or appeals chance. But a little later the leftist government collapsed and a right wing government let me restart my education. I finished the high school there and passed the exams to study in the F-Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences. All this happened before 1980 military takeover. As Wall Street controlled Junta took power in1980 they allowed me to continue my studies but secretly blacklisted me as anti-communist sympathizer and turned my life into a hell up until now.

1-The Junta refused to give me a passport  for 17 years from 1983 till 2000, denying my basic human right.

2-They declared void and null my successful exam result after military training during my mandatory 8-month long military service in 1987, humiliating and making me a human target for abuses.

3-They declared void and null my career diplomat position in the Foreign Ministry of Turkey since December 22, 1986 up until today. They declared void and null my career training exams and forced that my trainee status renews after each time I return back with the administrative court order effectively they intended to repeat my trainee status for my lifetime. Foreign Ministry of Turkey under Junta control violated my basic human rights effectively working outside the law.

International Criminal Court of the United Nations must try and hang the 1980 Turkish junta members and their collaborators and return all rights of their victims as soon as possible. American criminal courts must try and hang the Wall Street Super Junta.

Contact: Facebook Recai Iskender , Blogsite:  watson4president.wordpress.com, email:traderrocky2010@gmail.com, Cell:201-328-2406


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