ICC must hang the 1980 Turkish junta and return all rights of victims asap…

7 Oct

Communist and capitalist powers tried to fight each other in any way possible. Millions of innocent people around the world were slaughtered in this fight. Some historians argued that over 100 million people were killed in this war between the communists and capitalists. Capitalist democracies tried to fight back communism with more effective secret armies operating outside international law norms around the world fighting communism.

Like all around the world, deep undercover armies supported the Turkish military to stage a coup d’état in 1960 and executed the Prime Minister Menderes. In 1971, the military took power again and the stay-behind army Counter-Guerrilla engaged in domestic terror eliminating thousands in Turkey. They open fire on a demonstration of 500,000 in Istanbul with 38 dead and countless wounded in1977, three years later the Stay-Behind Counter-Guerrilla commander General Kenan Evren seized power in a coup. 1980 Junta committed endless list of crimes against humanity and forced its military constitution in 1982 which is still in use. Junta forces still threaten any democratic challenge from democratic parties.

I am personally victim of the 1980 military junta. Secret armies established a massive strategy of tension in a secret war against right and left to take Turkey into a civil war so that the Junta could take over the civil government. The secret armies terrorized the country. As a result they closed the Haydarpasa Boys High School in Istanbul where I was a free lodging and boarding student with lots of hopes for future. So I had to return to my home town Karasu High School with my broken hearth and hopes. It was left of the center Bulent Ecevit government and our High School Headmaster Mr. Resat Sirin supported Ecevit. Mr. Sirin forced me to write a defense paper due to my negative opinions about him. In my defense paper I stated that he was protecting communists and persecuting anti-communists. He did not like my opinion and called it an insult. He got me expelled from my high school and did not allow me to go to any school in my province of Sakarya. He also complained my statement to the First Instance of Criminal Court of my home town Karasu which prosecuted and sentenced me to 6 months in jail without any attorney or appeals chance. This was before 1980 military takeover.

As Junta took power in1980 they secretly blacklisted me as anti-communist sympathizer and turned my life into a hell up until now.

1-The Junta refused to give me passport  for 17 years from 1983 till 2000, denying my basic human right.

2-They declared void and null my successful exam result after military training during my mandatory 8-month long military service in 1987, humiliating and making me a human target for abuses.

3-They declared void and null my career diplomat in the Foreign Ministry of Turkey since December 22, 1986 up until today. They declared void and null my career training exams and forced that my trainee status renews after each time I return with the administrative court order effectively they intended to repeat my trainee status for my lifetime, effectively working outside the law.

International Criminal Court of the United Nations must try and hang the 1980 Turkish junta members and their collaborators and return all rights of their victims as soon as possible.

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