Outdated political and economic order is blocking quantum world democracy…

20 Sep

It is always the technological innovation which improved people’s lives around the world.  It is always innovation which saves a collapsing society. As we all know our wold is full of evils. The best way to transform these evils is to use science and technology innovations for our society.

We need to creat a super complex computers which can transform our world and solve our evils around the world. This is possible with a DNA computer as I showed before. A one pound DNA computer can do equal work to all the computers around the world today. This is massive brain power to transform our world totally. This DNA computer can turn our global internet into a real global brain connecting and answering everybody’s questions and needs. This kind of DNA computer power can handle much more complex projects than the Living Earth Simulation (LES) which is the most ambitious computer project as of today.

I want to walk from Denmark to Turkey to inform people that current industry and government systems block this DNA computer innovation. As trillions of dollars are invested in old chip technology for 50 years still making a lot of profits the same industry is blocking the DNA computer innovation to take off and transform our world. Money makers do not care about people but only care about their profits.

I want to tell the public also about the goals of the Living Earth Simulation aimed to support the politicians and to increase profits of business. It is aim should not be to support the old outdated government systems, but should support direct quantum democracy by giving this super techonology to the service of internet users around the world to creat that super assisted human with massive power in his side connected with other humans around the world in equal footing. People will benefit from this project when it is used by people, not by outdated dicta governments who is responsible for the evils we are facing. Google will lose its profits as this DNA computer and LES project empower people and create a new world where people will not need any money and be free from the wage slavery and free from the crook politicians.

The same money grabbers and their blood sucking politicians together are blocking this DNA technology come forth for internet users who will create the quantum world democracy.


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