I will walk for revolutionary intelligent internet technology to save humanity…

16 Sep

Our world is full of evils. We the people are not happy with them. What can we do? We organize walks for awareness against cancer. We protest against corruption. We walk for our causes. We try to raise awareness of people to bring solution to problems. We walk so people can understand that we are not happy with those problems. I like this activist approach.

I want to restart my walking against ineffective, unreasonable, bad government which cause unnecessary sufferings for people. I walked 3 times from my village Kuyumcullu Koyu on the Black Sea Side near Istanbul all the way to capital Ankara of Turkey. Each walk took 2 weeks. I really missed those rebel activism.

I think that there is enough technology in America or in Turkey to free everybody in the world from the slavery of money, work, poverty, hunger, ignorance, crime, terrorism and wars. We have enough technology to free our world from the slavery of all known and unknown evils.

We have Google search engine which gives 25 billion hits for a word search like home. We have IBM Watson DeepQA technology which has beaten two biggest jeopardy quiz champions on the tv show. We have IBM cognitive chip which has self-learning and self-rewiring capacity like a brain. It is in a worm-like level. Watson costed 100 million dollars while cognitive chips costed less than 25 million dollars.

Right now NASA announced that they will built a new rocket to go to Mars. This project will cost 35 billion dollars minimum as it is always same trick that they raise the cost much more once they start the projects. Why wasting this much money to go to Mars? We should spend this money towards building an intelligent internet Watson who can answer all kinds of questions asked by internet users. We should also find ways to make everybody around the world participate in this intelligent internet and create direct democracy and change the ways how people make decisions about their lives without representation. People should be in direct connection all the time without representation and should get personal assistance from this intelligent internet all the time to directly participate into decision-making of their lives around the world. I think this way of direct connection will solve our evils in a very short time. This super intelligent internet will make everybody very intelligent and this global mind will overcome all the evils.

I just want to let you know that I changed my old blogsite recaiiskenderanswerengine.wordpress.com to new one watson4president.wordpress.com. Best, Recai Iskender


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