We must stop vastful space projects and turn to intelligent internet watson to save our world

15 Sep

I protested injustices when I was in Turkey. I walked 3 times to Ankara, Capital of Turkey, from my village Kuyumcullu Koyu in Sakarya Province on the Western Black Sea Cost. Each walk took two weeks. I chained myself from my neck to the Memorial Statues of the Cities on my way to Ankara and yelled to protest injustice in Turkey and over the wold. My protests covered injustices done to my person, to poor people of Turkey and the World. Naturally, media outlets always distorted and manipulated my protests. I had a lot of news on TV and in the press. Now when I go back to my country Turkey I want to see if I can make a documentary out of these pieces in my archive. Then I want to restart to walk from my village to Ankara again to protest all injustices done to anybody around the world starting from myself first. I am planning to spend rest of my life walking to tell people that we must stop unjust we are doing each other in this world. We must stop to mess up our world. First thing to start is to cut wasteful and stupid projects like this last one from NASA totalling 35 billion dollars to fly to Mars and turn it to build an intelligent internet Watson to take care of our messed-up world. Sure, Turkey has a lot of wasteful and stupid projects that must be stopped and turned to this internet Watson project to save our world before we lose it totally while trying to fly to Mars, etc. You can search my name Recai Iskender on the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to see some of these news.


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