Elect intelligent internet watson for government to save America and the world…

14 Sep

All levels of governments make our lives miserable. People around the world do not trust their governments, politicians and administrations. Governments vast 80 percent of gross national income. We must elect intelligent internet Watson for president and for all kinds of offices in government. Building a reliable intelligent self-learning and self-programming computer will cost nothing compared to this 80 percent of vast around the world. We can do this by getting rid of our politicians around the world. They ruined our world. Politicians will fight back by their usual deception. With their buddies they will argue that such an intelligent internet Watson will turn against humans. That is not true. Intelligent is what intelligent does. Stupid is what stupid does. So arguing that intelligent will act like stupid is total stupid. You can expect such stupidity only from the stupid politicians who ruined our world. Just look around and see the terror, poverty, hopelessness, joblessness and corruption. You make your mind. Here is a news for you. Think about the Cost of Government. September 12-13 was the day to remember the vast of government and thinking ways of getting rid of these stupid politicians.


GOVERNING Summit on the Cost of Government – Sep. 12-13, 2011

Sep. 12 – 13, 2011 | Newseum | Washington, D.C.


“[I]t’s not a question of ‘big’ government versus ‘small’ government. The question is how do you create new government for a new era?”

The GOVERNING Summit on the Cost of Government 2011 is an invitation-only gathering of public officials to tackle the pressing issues of the demands for service, the realities of revenues, and to explore a path forward.

This leadership summit will bring together senior policy leaders, influential thinkers and practitioners to share insights and formulate strategies about how to successfully meet the challenges facing state and local governments today.

Speakers include:

Join GOVERNING September 12-13 2011 at the historic Newseum in Washington, D.C. to explore these issues and more.

For more information contact Marina Leight, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, GOVERNING



Government Spending: New Ideas to Save Money.

Watch this video to see state and local leaders talk about innovative ways to do the public’s business from dumb ideas contests, results based accountability to innovation from citizens.


Governing Summit: Cost of Government 2010


The Resources

Leaders can’t tackle the challenges they face without a plan. The speakers and sponsors of the Summit on the Cost of Government contributed advice and strategies to address the problems government faces.

GOVERNING Playbook captures highlights and conversations among leading public officials from the Summit on how to cope with the cost of government in challenging times via a set of plays.

In addition, sponsors of the Summit on Cost of Government recommend these white papers, case studies and solution briefings for future reference.

Avoiding Labor Compliance Violates and Absence Abuse
Presented by Kronos

Centralized Collections Management
Presented by CGI

Delivering Savings and Efficiencies through Self-Funded Government
Provided by NIC

Economics of Cloud Computing for the U.S. Public Sector
Provided by Microsoft

Government Debt Collection: NASACT Survey and Recommendations
Provided by CGI

No Time to Waste: Tools to Help Manage Through Tough Times
Provided by Kronos

Workforce Performance Revisited
Provided by Kronos


For information on attending and general assistance contact:

Shayna Mayen, Registration Coordinator
Phone: 916-932-1300 ext. 1314
E-mail: smayen@governing.com



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