Intelligent internet will free our world from slavery of money and work…

11 Sep

Canton does not see that intelligent internet will give the answer to any questions asked by the internet user. It will make internet users all knowledgable and aware of everything. It will not allow any advertiser or marketer get your money as you will know exactly what you want for your needs. There won’t be any lack of knowledge that can possibly filled by advertisement or marketting.

More importantly, intelligent internet is eliminate all vaste of money by eliminating all businesses like computer programming, webbuilding, advertisement, online marketing, customer services. Doctors, lawyers, politicians, and teachers all over the world will all be put out of job. All industries will be done by intelligent internet. That will save most of spending today. This saving will free our world from the slavery of money and work. Everybody will get whatever they need from the 3-D printing. This is freedom for humanity. There is no need to worry for people who are to lose their positions of power. This is inevitable. Canton does not see that so that is why he is talking about old fashion way of doing business.  This is intelligent internet civilization. This is freedom from slavery. We should celebrate our near future.


The Semantic Web Show: Future of the Internet is Mining Desire?

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Hanging out at the Semantic Web show
in SF yesterday with Sandy Rosenberg, an IGF adviser made me realize how early we are in understanding the semantic web. The show was intimate and eye opening regarding the powerful potential for this technology.

Simply put, the Semantic Web is about tagging everything and linking every data, audio, image and video source to everything–including us. Also context pattern recognition–finding insight into data that is useful.

Then better search emerges, smarter analytics emerge and maybe we understand how to sell, profit, serve and help people better in everything we do–from health care to security to making new drugs and finding new customers.

The Semantic Web will either be a boon to business or a huge intrusion into life by forces that want to mine and predict your desires. You may say what’s wrong with mining my desires? If you have to ask you missed it.

Personally I think a super computing AI, think Google in the near future with the power of predictive analytic media, seductive, immersive, intuitive, sensing your Desires and then enabling your desires for information, products, services, experiences to be fulfilled sounds both fantastic and disturbing at the same time.

Are not happy in the Matrix? OK maybe that’s too much. But someone in a very undemocratic place like Iran or North Korea may use this Rogue Technology to exploit our desires in ways not happy.

Think neuromarketing meets social media meets the semantic web. Who will watch the watchers? In the manufacture of desire be careful what you ask for.

I do think the semantic web also and primarily will drive valuable new services in media entertainment and health care, to name a few.

See Semantic Web Show in SF, well done event


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