Proof: Google is evil and mean…

10 Sep


Google is giving me billions of search results for one one search. I cannot look at Google results except for the first a fex pages. Google is doing this for greed. It is making money from advertisers, marketers. It does this money from the back of internet searchers. Google makes money and gives us this terrible experience. As I complain about Google and suggest an intelligent internet Google is punishing me. Now I cannot straighten up my video below as Google made my rotate setting disabled. My rotate setting in my yutube account is not working long time. I sent feedback messages to YouTube but nothing happens. This confirms that Google is evil and mean. 

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12 min – Jan 23, 2011 – Uploaded by traderrocky2010
This is my life story. My childhood was very abusive. My diplomatic career was also extremely abusive. My hard work for happiness and


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