Sad Interview with Coding Heads in the Tech Meetup at NYU Skirball Hall

7 Sep

 Today I want to write a little about my cold experience with the coding engineers In general. I believe that singularity will free our world from the slavery of money and stupidity. Still people in some positions have some kind of resentment about intelligent computing. It will free our world from our employment and create an abundant civilization where nobody has to work for living. That is great for most people. But people in some positions will resent losing their positions. Today I went to New York Tech Meeting at the New York University Skirball Hall on Laguardia Street by the 3rd Street. I chatted with the coding people next to me in the break. They said they know about the IBM cognitive chip but did not believe that it can do anything for user interface. I am shocked that they say that. After the presentation, I approached one of the presenters who is head of research department of Ingenuitas. I said thank you for your nice presentation. Can I ask you about IBM cognitive chip? She said yes I know it. I asked if she knows a little bit more about it. She replied no because I am not a hardware person, I do not know about chips. I said it is a revolution it works like our brain. This chip is both hardware and software, it is self-learning like our brain and you are from Columbia University which is also part of this cognitive chip project. She said she does not know about it much. I think coding people will hate me making this comment. But truth has to be said here. Some info about the Head of the Research Department is here.


05 September 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Lineup for September NYTM

Monthly Meetup

Here’s the lineup for the September 6 NYTM:

inIngenuitas – Ingenuitas distributes an open-source framework called SimpleCV for creating machine vision appliances. Presenters: Katherine Scott & Nate Oostendorp Twitter: @ingenuitasinc


Katherine Scott

Director of Research and Development at Ingenuitas


Greater New York City Area


Computer Software

Katherine Scott’s Overview


  • Director of Research and Development at Ingenuitas


  • Research Engineer at Cybernet Systems Corporation
  • Research Engineer at Cybernet Systems



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