IBM and Google,do not be evil…

6 Sep

As it is clear from the Forbes, IBM hides its true intention about the purpose of use for this intelligent chip. I must warn IBM that new research finds that 40 percent people in Europe is mentally sick. This rate in U.S. may be higher due to lack of social security and healthcare services here. In this toughest decline in American empire it is possible to see mad men destroying us here. So this chip is best to be available for internet users to help them overcome in this hardest times in the smartest possible ways. So, IBM must put it in use of internet users to protect America from any madmen. This will make internet users be all intelligent which will transform our messed up world into a nexgen intelligent civilization. 


From Forbes Magazine:

Armed with this information, I emailed Scott Aaronson, an Associate Professor at MIT who specializes in quantum computing and computational complexity theory to get his take on IBM’s reasearch. He, like me, was frustrated at the lack of detail. “[T]hey go into detail about the number of neurons and synapses that they’re able to simulate, as well as the speed and memory requirements of the simulation.  But they say much less about the purpose or performance of this huge neural network: i.e., what sorts of learning or recognition tasks (if any) is the network designed to solve?  And is its performance on those tasks demonstrably better than the performance of smaller neural networks?”


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