Putting free Watson software on the distributed internet systems…

5 Sep

Here is Majestic-12: DSearch working working as a Distributed World Wide Web Search engine. It is taking advantage of the power of multiple home and work computers around the world in a way such as SETI@Home and so many others as I showed on my blogsite before. Majestic is indexing all the websites by itself, while people are struggling to be on the Google index. Google takes only paying websites or those with web masters who continuesly renew their search engine registration. That is Google monopoly and must be investigated by the FTC Federal Trade Commission investigators. As you see Majestic has full index and obviously giving its link indexing services for businesses. 

As I already showed before on my blogsite that IBM adviser Tony Pearson published in his article that any body can build a personal Watson in the garage. My internet Watson will be answering billions of questions every minute over terabites of internet data. This kind of search engine is needs huge computing capacity. It is only possible through the Distributed World Wide Web grid system. My Watson will be based on question answering Watson engine working on the above mentioned Distributed World Wide Web like  SETI@Home and so many other projects. Naturally the running costs of the project will be covered by the advertisement on the top of the answer screen of the engine which can be seen all around the world by billions of internet users. That revenue will be used to improve answering engine and uniting it with other bleeding-edge technologies like unified internet user account, mining of the private data about the self of the account holder, unified satellite and other global-local digital information, further unifying of the government data about the self of the account holder as part of direct internet democracy, and direct democracy by the secure and unified total connected account and so on. This is step forward to nexgen civilization to unite all the humanity as a global mind to transform our messed up world. So far I am so happy of the development of my revolutionary project.


Majestic-12 : DSearch : Technology

DSearch is a project that aims to build a Distributed World Wide Web Search engine, which will take advantage of the power of multiple home and work computers around the world in a fashion similar to projects such as SETI@Home. Some details on the technology used to make it happen are here.

You can also view a rather simplistic presentation made before Birmingham Perl Mongers User Group (UK) on topic of “Building a scalable distributed WWW search engine … NOT in Perl!” (requires PowerPoint).

Anyone with a compatible computer with broadband connection can join this project by getting free to download and use software. This client software will run in background and crawl pages. Crawled data will then be send back to base for indexing.

Alpha version of the search engine can be found here.

List of 3rd party supported tools and services is here.



Majestic SEO DOES show more inbound links than Google!

By Dixon September 5, 2011


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