Thank you Techcrunch friend to recommend for my project

3 Sep

Hello, I am so happy that someone named Karthi Kevan made a very nice comment on my post to the techcrunch and recommended the Kickstarter to me today. I looked at the Kickstarter website and put a copy of it so everybody with creative ideas can go there for help. Best.


Bad news for Google, but no need to worry, my friends. I have got some good news for you.Not for Google. You may even like it and want to be my partner too. So please keep on reading here. I want to build Watson internet to transform our world and free it from the slavery and corruption and all terrible evils in our lives on the world and lift mankind into a nexgen civilization. Our world will be free of wars, diseases, hunger, poverty, crises, dictators, corruption, crimes and of dangers of cosmic collision and radiaton too. That is why I am seeking partners to make a Watson search engine. However, greedy IBM is vasting Tax dollars from the Department of Defence on its so called first cognitive chip. IBM is lying when it says it is the beginning of a new era in computing. If you look at the pieces here you will see that 50 year…s ago Frank Rosenblatt built the perceptrons on an IBM machine which was a really learning machine like a brain. But, so called stupid god of computing Prof. Minsky killed it. IBM did not care about it then and does not show any respect to history of cognitive computing and Perceptrons of Rosenblatt who died on a boating accident on 1971. Do not believe until you see this IBM cognitive chip is really doing what they say it is doing. So, I am seeking partners to put IBM Watson on the internet to let all internet users get the answers to any question. Partners want to know my personal history. I want to make a documentary by compiling television and press pieces already out there in Turkey. They are showing my struggle against human rights abuses and persecution before I came to this beautiful country in 2000. As Tropicana Casino agent robbed my life by bad checks I am looking funding to make this documentary and show it in film festivals. I want to prove that I am serious about this struggle to transform our world by this Watson internet search engine.

Visit here for more updated fresh info at: More


Karthi Keyan · Co-Founder & CEO at Blaze

Hello Recai, Try & Best of luck.



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