Anybody who benefits from Google will be against Watson internet

2 Sep

As IBM Watson won the jeopardy quiz on TV, it proved itself  as a super search engine. Many  It is destructuve revolution in the internet search concept. Watson will give true and updated knowledge in the internet world. People will not accept any advertisement anymore.  Online advertisement and marketing will be destroyed by the Watson internet search engine. Internet users will know true and updated knowledge about anything in the world, they will not look at any advertisement. Same revolution is valid for political campaigns too. Nobody will look at what is advertised by the politicians who campaign to be elected. So our politics will be free from money. No advertisement and marketing in the online world. Watson search engine will kill the money concept totally.  This will be effective in the real world outside internet too. Nobody will believe anything other than updated true knowledge on the Watson search engine. As Watson search engine will give answers fast and very concise in a report window, nobody will want to look at endless list of websites. So websites will be useless too. Web-building concept will be meaningless and be killed too. Because of this truth, search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing which make money from search advertisements and developers who make money from web-building and online marketing will be out of business as the Watson search engine revolution takes hold. Big businesses who manipulate political life with huge money will also fight against a Watson revolution. But internet users who seek only true and last minute updated knowledge will benefit from this Watson revolution. Watson internet will transform our world and free it from the slavery and corruption and lift mankind into a nexgen civilization. Our world will be free of wars, diseases, hunger, poverty, crises, dictators, corruption, crimes. Watson internet civilization will also enable our world to fight dangers of cosmic collision and radiation too. Watson internet is so revolutionary and humanitarian. Experts who are funded and paid by the Google, cannot be true General Artificial Intelligent believers. Google will be gone if we have a true artificial intelligent like Watson internet. Google is doing all it can to abort a true Watson internet. But still I know it is a next step for a real transformation for the nexgen civilization. That is why I am seeking partners to make a Watson search engine running on the internet. But I know partners want to know my personal history, that is why I want to make a documentary movie about my past and present life compiling previous television films and print press news about my fight against persecution and human rights abuses by the military regime and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey. I am looking for funding towards this documentary to support values of democracy and human rights and efforts for nexgen civilization. I am constantly seeking partners who are interested in putting Watson search engine on the internet. I believe my partners are very interested in ways how to eliminate problems around the world. Always visit my blogsite here for more and updated info at:


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