Documentary to fight greedy evil corps like Google, IBM and Apple…

29 Aug

As I already posted before greedy evil Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter and IBM are doing nothing but trying to profiteer from fast growing giant internet.  We all  know the sad difference between a smart giant and a brain damaged giant. Our world would be a heaven with a megasuper global mind. IBM has the Watson DeepQA techonology. Watson won against smartest Jeopardy winners Ken and Brad on TV. IBM is not making this technology free for global internet users. Then Google makes a lot of money from internet users and should show a little respect to the same users by making this technology available to the same internet users. The LarKC Large Knowledge Collider Technology is open and free program. Any of these companies has the means to put Watson and LarKC together to the use of internet users. None of them wants a supersmart internet serving for global internet users who are growing fast everyday. Imagine every internet user asks any question and gets super fast and smart answers on the net for free. That is a revolution to transform our world into a superorganism solving all evils instantly. It will free our world from the slavery of money, employment and all ignorance and evils, including hunger, poverty, wars, all kinds of shortages and diseases. It will also protect our planet from cosmic collisions and radiations etc. As you can see their resistance to this innovation is making great harm to our world. They are responsible for every evil going on in this world. They want to profiteer from a brain damaged giant internet as long as possible. They will do everything possible to block an internet revolution for people.

I want to campaign for this revolution. I am seeking partners to realize this dream. Surely I know that I must let people know exactly who I am and how I spent my life. People who read my previous posts should know very well that all my lifetime I fought against human rights abuses and persecution in Turkey before I immigrated to the U.S. Mainly it is the military regime and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey and widespread social and cultural abuse which started when I was so young. Then I fought everyday to improve my business so that I could realize my dream to transform our world into a heaven. However, because of $30K worth bad checks from Tropicana Casino agent, I am virtually bankrupt. I lost my 57 passenger motorcoach and my fully loaded brand new Escalade and all of my credit. I am under the threat of foreclosure of my house. I started some legal investigations against Tropicana Casino and its agents.

I want to make a documentary movie based on previous films and news pieces about my struggle in Turkey and show it in film festivals to promote this new automatic intelligent internet search engine. Again as I am already bankrupt I need to find funding for my movie project. I would love to hear your ideas about this project. It will combine all my previous and current struggle for megasuper internet engine. Stay well and follow my posts please.


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