Google pretending as destructive innovative model by hiding behind Schumpeter

27 Aug

This is my second post about Schumpeterian destructive innovation about Google, Yahoo, and Bing. They are all based on link search engine to monetize advertisement and marketing of businesses which eventually harms true innovation and growth of economy. Google portrays itself as a model of destructive innovation business but actually it is doing all it can to prevent a truelly revolutionary nexgen automatic internet search engine. This new engine gives good explanations to any asking internet user, not billions of links like Google engine. This new engine will free our world from the slavery of money, employment and all wars and evils. I am seeking partners to build this transformative automatic search engine. I am expecting people to meet at the SIBL Library on Sunday. The exact time of meeting will be arranged later on. I just posted my following comment on Google Books site just to forwarn business people monetizing this engine including all search engine businesses, all website building and web advertizing and marketing people in the market. Get ready for a real change with the automatic search engine. It is a mix of IBM Watson and LarKC Large Knowledge Collider.

Prophet of innovation: Joseph Schumpeter and creative destruction‎

Thomas K. McCrawBiography & Autobiography – 2007 – 719 pages

Listen to a short interview with Thomas McCrawHost: Chris Gondek
Limited preview – About this book Add to My Library ▼



It is sad that this great book is promoted as a Google book. Google is blocking the nexgen civilization with its search engine. It is only designed to give you billions of search results showing links to endless websites. It is all to monetize this link based search concept. It is promoting like this and great science like General Artificial intelligence etc just to hide its true position. I am seeking partners to build that automatic internet search engine to let internet users get good explanations for their questions. You can find more info on my blogsite at :


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