Discovery Engine can make everybody an Einstein…

24 Aug

This is great news. As we can use the same search engine to discover the concepts, meanings and objects etc. Engine can stream us through concepts and act according to our wishes. So we can feel like an Einstein in as augmented reality virtual life. Discovery will be all fun. This will change the world totally.

Layar 3.5 with Stream Technology June 3rd, 2010 at 2:23 pm –

The new Layar Reality Browser (version 3.5) was released today for Android phones. The new release comes with new Stream Technology which completely changes the user experience from search-based, to discovery. With so many layers now available, finding content in Layar relied heavily on making layers known, via tradtional marketing methods or hoping the user would just ’stumble-upon’ the content. This new location-aware means of discovery, takes points of interest (POIs) from all the layers around you, giving you an amazing world of choice, without having to search. This is truly revolutionary, and as far as mobile content discovery goes, there is nothing like it. The results you see are based on time, location, proximity, popularity and your preferences. The change is intended to change Layar from being a novelty, to being a must have utility to be used daily. Raimo van der Klein, CEO of Layar: “Augmented Reality is starting to behave like a true mass medium. It is becoming scalable with the introduction of its own discovery mechanism. We know that real-time location-based content discovery drives frequent re-use of the Layar browser.” You can download Layar 3.5 with Stream Technology from the Android Market today. The iPhone release is immenent. Stream Tecnology in action. POI’s are taken from multiple layers with new icons defining the category. A new ‘Add to your spots’ button will put the POI into a new Spots tab. Selecting a POI from the stream gives you the same detail as you’d get in the layer. The featured tab remains the same with Layars favourite layers. The local tab may become unnecessary with the Stream. The popular tab shows the most used layers. VN:F [1.9.6_1107] please wait… Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast) Similar Posts Categories Tags None Found None Found Tags: Layar Stream Categorized Under: Layar 3.0, News Comments are closed. Recent Posts Layar 3.5 with Stream Technology Shop Shop Layar Announces Layar Stream Worlds First AR Flashmob Gowalla Spots Polls Which device platform do you use? iPhone Android View Results Loading … Polls Archive Layar demo Latest Comments Paul on Tweet Photo Paul on Jelly! Fiona Wilson on Jelly! Paul on Tweet Photo Guillermo on Tweet Photo Blogroll LightRod Open Source Augmented Reality Server Categories Select Category Education (1) Featured (12) Food & Drink (3) Games (1) Health (1) Layar 3.0 (2) Leisure & Entertainment (4) Local search (5) News (14) Other (4) Places to Stay (1) Retail (3) Social Networks (5) Tours & Guides (3) Transport (2) Archives Select Month June 2010 May 2010 April 2010 March 2010 February 2010 January 2010 Tags 3D Acrossair API AR Architecture Art ATM Australia Awards Banks Bath Belgium Bicycles Canada Castles City Environment Facebook France Galleries Germany Hotels International iPhone Ireland Italy Layar Layar Stream Mobile Premier Awards Mobile World Congress Museums Netherlands Post box preview Pubs Search Sharing Shopping Spain Sweden Time saving Twitter UK USA User-generated


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