AutoSen will revolutionize our world…

24 Aug

Automatic Internet Search Engine will give you amazing fast answers like Watson from syntesizing all data available in the world wide web. It will collect all data in the web and bring it to you. So you do not have to build your website or blog or have accounts. It will encrypt everything you enter in the net and will recognize you when you return and open up your private data to you. It will search the net for all your interests and thought like a personal assistant as intelligent as Watson. It will recognize you from your movements and data. You have to communicate to get into your private data. There will not be any website building, web marketing, or any need to advertize on the net because the automatic internet search engine will work like your personal Einstein researching everything for your personality. There is no way that an advertisement can affect such an intelligent engine so all concept of advertisement and marketing will be dead. No marketing but just super intelligent assistance. This is the automatic internet search engine, it is AutoSen


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