Prof. Deutsch is Afraid of My Internet Explanation Engine

22 Aug
I will refute Prof. David Deutsch as I finished his book the Beginning of Infinity. He writes on page 459 that “But there is also plenty in the world that does not and will not make sense until we ourselves work out how to rectify it…Whether the world ultimately does make sense will depend on how people – the likes of us – chose to think and to act.” So he says scientists are not able to answer many important issues. That is why my dream project is all about automating internet searching by expert system robot programs.

But then on page 456 he kills my joy by writing that “But tasks like internet searching will never be carried out by super-fast AIs scanning billions of documents creatively for meaning, because they will not want to perform such tasks any more than humans do. Nor will artificial scientists, mathematicians and philosophers ever wield conceps or arguments that humans are inherently incapable of understanding. Universality implies that, in every important sense, humans and AIs will never be other than equal.”

He is agaist innovation because he is afraid of losing his scientist position and power by automated internet search engine. But our world needs to solve these urgent problems with the tools which are already within our reach. He is like most science and education establishment who is afraid of innovation as much as Google, Yahoo, and Bing which do not want to lose their position and power too.

As you see I am seeking real innovative people to be my technical and financial partners who are willing to bring solutions to all evils of our world.

I put the info here about his book on Amazon.


The Beginning of Infinity: Explanations That Transform the World


Book Description

ISBN-10: 0670022756 | ISBN-13: 978-0670022755 | Publication Date: July 21, 2011
A bold and all-embracing exploration of the nature and progress of knowledge from one of today’s great thinkers.

Throughout history, mankind has struggled to understand life’s mysteries, from the mundane to the seemingly miraculous. In this important new book, David Deutsch, an award-winning pioneer in the field of quantum computation, argues that explanations have a fundamental place in the universe. They have unlimited scope and power to cause change, and the quest to improve them is the basic regulating principle not only of science but of all successful human endeavor. This stream of ever improving explanations has infinite reach, according to Deutsch: we are subject only to the laws of physics, and they impose no upper boundary to what we can eventually understand, control, and achieve.

In his previous book, The Fabric of Reality, Deutsch describe the four deepest strands of existing knowledge-the theories of evolution, quantum physics, knowledge, and computation-arguing jointly they reveal a unified fabric of reality. In this new book, he applies that worldview to a wide range of issues and unsolved problems, from creativity and free will to the origin and future of the human species. Filled with startling new conclusions about human choice, optimism, scientific explanation, and the evolution of culture, The Beginning of Infinity is a groundbreaking book that will become a classic of its kind.


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