Social Spectator Blog published my post about the American Decline and my solution

19 Aug

Hi, thanks for visiting and leaving comment. I read your article. It is very good. Let me make a little comment on it here. America grew with innovation, then its system is clogged and cannot make innovations anymore. China is growing with old versions of innovations. Its labor is cheap so it is still growing. But this will change in a few years then China will stop growing like this. Then those innovations will migrate to some cheap labor country. However America can transform itself and lead the world to a new civilization. Its problem is its economic system is not open to new innovation. Today IBM Watson DeepQA is a millenium technology. It has won the jeopardy quiz against the biggest champions. We need this technology to be used by all internet users around the world. Its high price is a challenge. Current search engines Google, Yahoo, and Bing are making money from their search engine models and they do not want to be destroyed by this IBM Watson engine. I believe that if we put this IBM Watson technology for the service of all internet users globally we can can our world to a new civilization. I am looking for technical and financial partners to do this internet explanation engine project.


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