IBM must put Watson for global internet use…

19 Aug

Stephen Baker wrote a book about IBM Watson and also answered some questions about it. I reserved his book at the Library. I think he is right about public fear that Watson will steal their jobs as a super knowledge worker. He points out that IBM itself is also very worried about this public fear. It is understanable especially in this U.S. and global decline. Ludites can hit IBM for this. My suggestion is that IBM must put Watson on the internet for free global use. This will advance its system and transform the world into another civilization. It will also will let people think that IBM is their super personal assistant. It will turn everybody into virtual scientists. This is a true revolution. I am sure sooner or later IBM will see this and accept this proposal. I am looking for technical and financial partners to make this happen. I will expect you to also look at my facebook, twitter and craigslist media.










———————————————————————————————————– to me
show details 9:58 PM (14 hours ago)
                                                           08-18-11 09:

    Science, Industry, and Business Library (SIBL)
    188 Madison Avenue
    New York, NY 10016-4314
    (212) 592-7000

    The item you requested has arrived at the library and will be ready
    for pickup soon. Please allow time for library staff to process and
    place your item on the holdshelf.  The item will be held for you at
    the Library until the date shown below. All items on the holdshelf
    should be claimed upon each visit.

AUTHOR:  Baker, Stephen,
Final Jeopardy : man vs. machine and t
CALL NO: 006.3 B
BARCODE: 33333799659061
PICKUP AT: SIBL BY: 08-26-11

                                                 RECAI ISKENDER
                                                 580 OLYMPIA AVENUE
                                                 CLIFFSIDE PARK, NJ 07010





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