Discover Bank atacks me for the default caused by the Tropicana Casino

12 Aug

Docket No: DC-Dc-018968/11


Superior Court of New Jersey

Law Division, Special Civil Part

Bergen County

10 Main Street

Hackensack, NJ 07601-0000

Plaintiff:Discover Bank versus

Defendant:Recai Iskender

Your Honor,

I am not able to pay anything as I lost all I had as the victim of criminal check kiting amounting to $30,000 from the exclusive agent of the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City, NJ and many discriminations from the Tropicana Casino and its exclusive agent Wilson Chen. I lost my bus, my job, my Escalade brand personal car, my credit, my physical and my mental health. I cannot even afford any medical bills. I lost all I had earned by extreme hard work since I came to this beautiful country. As the victim I cannot pay my mortgage and the economic crisis has lowered my home value by half. The mortgage company wants to foreclose on my home. I am living at the mercy of my ethnic community. As my 2010 tax file shows, I lost so much that I am bankrupt and broke. Moreover, I lost my only income of $210  a month as a result of the budget cut decisions by the State of New Jersey in June 2011.

However, there are three actions I took against the Tropicana Casino and its exclusive agent Wilson Chen. This is only by help from the Legal Services in Hackensack and the Legal Aid Society of New York.  Therefore I beg for your mercy in forgiving me, as I am only the victim here.


1-Copy of the letter by the Charitable Legal Aid Society of New York sent on behalf of me to the Department of Labor, New York Office to investigate the Tropicana Casino and its exclusive agent.

2-Copy of the letter from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to begin an investigation against the Tropicana Casino on the basis of illegal discriminations.

3-Copy of the notice from the Prosecutor’s Office of Bergen County,  New Jersey investigating the Grand Jury Hearing against the Exclusive Agent Wilson Chen of the Tropicana Casino for ruining my dreams with bad checks.

4-Copy of my 2010 tax return file showing my losses.


Recai Iskender


580 Olympia Avenue,

Cliffside Park, NJ 07010

Please Find Attached:

  1. Copy of Letter to the Department of Labor
  2. Copy of US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission New York District Office Charge against Tropicana Casino
  3. Copy of Bergen County Prosecutors Office Grand Jury Hearing Notice against Wilson Chen who is the exclusive agent of Tropicana Casino
  4. Copy of the decision to terminate my welfare payment from the State New Jersey.
  5. Copy of my 2010 tax return file.

PS: The $15 requested fee is paid with the attached money order


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